For Certifying Practitioners

A little video to help your journey to Certification

Thanks for all your great work with Certification process – heres some pointers I hope will help

Points from video:

BIGGEST POINT: remember SP is not a technique or a script. If you are used to using scripts and or techniques – you have been trained to ‘sell’ the script or technique to the client. In SP you are doing none of the work – it is Superconscious and the cleints higher mind ( not conscious, not even subconscious) that are doing the work. And are very capable – you dont have to ‘help’ them.

SP is as SIMPLE AS ASKING AND WAITING FOR ANSWER. And knowing the naswe will always be for the best and highet good of clint.Always.

Smaller points

1  Hypnosis is NOT relaxation. After the first line of the Elman ( relax your eyes) – you dont ever need to use the word ‘relax’ again

Follow the steps of the Elman – the four steps – then use a deepener like ‘the beach’ or ‘A to B to C etc – and thats it. Dont add anything. And dont add any extra language. It doesn’t help, it does hinder.

Elman example here

The lesson:

2  Remember clearing 1 issue is not a session. Its issue issue issue to outcome. A session is finished when Superconscious says – ‘nope no more today’

So when you clear the first issue – start on the next issue

3. Talk as to a friend – and in Hypnosis LESS is always enough. Ask the question – and then stop talking!!

No leading in the language. “Allow yourself”, “Notice if there is a size, or colour”

always ask what is appropriate, optimum and beneficial

4. Would you find it useful to have a closed group Facebook page for Certifying and Certified Practitioners to use and interact with??