Quick Guide to talking to groups – courtesy Sheila Granger- download pdf  bottom of page.



Quick Guide to Talks to Groups

The most underused marketing technique in hypnosis is to give free public talks to various groups in your area.


It’s completely FREE – it costs you nothing apart from your time.

It increases exposure for your business and gets people excited about your services.It gives potential clients a chance to get to know you personally.

Trust, rapport and comfort are three essentials which need to be present for a client to want to work with you; giving a talk gives potential clients a way

to get to know you personally.

Personal interaction is the best way to market your service – people buy you first, and then the service that you offer


Becoming the Obvious Expert

This strategy immediately cements you as the obvious expert in your area. Public speaking is a big fear for many. When you give a lecture to a group, you gain an instant level of respect and credibility because most are terrified to present even the briefest public talk.

Always remember – even the worst public speakers are respected.

People make the assumption that if you are speaking to a group then you must be an expert in your field otherwise you wouldn’t be up there.

Short of writing a book, public speaking is the fastest way to be seen as the obvious expert in your field.


How to get started.

Find groups to speak for. Did you know that there are hundreds of local groups in your area such as Rotary Club,  Lions Club, etc that are desperate for speakers to guest at their weekly meetings?

These groups are perfect to speak to, because they are comprised of your area’s business leaders, movers and shakers, and also have large networks. An opportunity to speak for such groups is very easy. Simply go online and do a search for them in your local area.

Make a list of all the groups who meet in your vicinity – your local library will hold this information, or check out ‘meet up’ an online source of local groups. You might also try local newspapers who notify of groups that are meeting, and think about all the sports teams that meet up every week. Think about where your potential customer might already go, which groups might they belong to? Ask your clients if they belong to any groups.

Next, make a phone call or send a letter and express your interest in speaking for their group. Ask for a personal introduction to the organiser at your network meetings.

Finally, once they have booked you, ask them for other local chapters or groups that would be interested in having you speak for them too. It is easier than you would think to line up a bunch of free lectures this way. So – get on the phone and line up some lectures!


Before your Talk

Think first about what you are looking to achieve from your talk – is it to educate? Sell a service? Networking?

Think about the issues/problems that the group has, and tailor your talk to provide some help with their problem. Don’t give away your complete store, but be seen to understand them and their issues, and most of all give value – over-deliver wherever you can, so that they remember you.

I usually make a personalised recording about the issues that group has and give it away at the event.


At the Event

Collect data – emails, addresses, telephone numbers. Request feedback.

Do they know anyone they can recommend you to or anywhere else you could speak?

Follow-up afterwards – complementary telephone call, did they enjoy the talk, any questions, can you help them anymore?

Promote your services. This is where you can make your free talk into a profitable 15 minutes. An interesting thing that happens at live lectures and seminars is that people get emotionally hooked and want to take immediate action on what is being offered. Therefore, make sure that you have something to offer.

Give out vouchers/leaflets/business cards. Ask them to fill out a registration form; are they suffering with any problems?


Presenting yourself.

Think about how you are presenting yourself. Remember to breathe

Speak to all of the room, and make eye contact.

Be yourself.

Be the expert, be passionate.

Use self-hypnosis – mentally rehearse how you want things to go.

If you are not confident at speaking – think about joining a toastmasters group. Networking can also help with this.

Wear suitable clothing – smart, or sportswear if you are presenting to a sports team.

Be prepared. Powerpoint? Is there equipment at the venue, and how many will attend?


Download pdf of the guide click here