Simpson Protocol Training - getting ready

Information to make the Training really work for you

Here are some videos and information that will help you ‘prepare’ for you LIVE Online Simpson Protocol workshop

This will allow you will be a lot more ‘in tune’ with what is being taught and able to enjoy the process and the practices as you have the basic understanding already – and have absorbed the basic under pinings of what is being done.

The Workshop is Full, Intensive and allows you, if you allow it, to open up you and your practice to  massive potential

All classes are different and all classes move SP forward. So for that, I thank you.

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The Simple Concept of an Induction

Inductions in the Office with a client should be considered the least time consuming of the Hypnosis process and session

In a Stage Show or Group demo – it’s fun to do lots of Instant Inductions and Muscle testing and Suggestibility Tests ( sic- should be Exercises – no-one wants to do or fail test!!)

But when the Client is there to have their issue or issues focused on – the Induction should be fast, effective and ‘not a show’. They are there for an outcome – not a show.


Hypnosis – Formal Hypnosis is a way of accessing levels of the client’s Mind that can help them achieve the outcomes they desire. Relaxation may or may not be a by-product of the session- but remember the client is not in your chair to RELAX – they are there for WORK.

Time spent on ‘relaxing’ the client – is not productive time

Time spent on moving the Client to a place of Mind where work can be done is the most effective use of time – for you and the client.

In Simpson Protocol, we use the Elman ( revised) induction. Now any Induction will do – as long as it’s fast ( under 4 minutes from start to Deep Sonambulsim) and it gives you markers so you know where the client is in terms of depth of Hypnosis – Light state, light Sonambulsim, Deep somnambulism etc. And yes the Esdaile State

In Simpson Protocol – because we teach the client self-hypnosis as a part of the first session – they have triggers set.

That means with Simpson Protocol – you only ever need one, the first, induction with any client.

Once they have had a session -= they never need another induction – no matter how long it is between sessions

Work In SP – starts at medium to Deep Somnambulism – at a state we call ‘High”

High is a place it seems where everything can be accessed – all states of mind. All the doors are open from this place.

The Elman Induction (revised) is the one we will use in class – as it is a bulletproof Induction. It’s Rapid, it’s effective for all types of Client – and it gets the Client to the state where we want to begin work

Demo and walk thru of the Elman Induction – CLICK HERE


The Philosophy that underpins Simpson Protocol

Simpson Protocol is a Complete Inclusive Holistic Protocol  -What does that mean?

It means Simpson Protocol is not a technique or fixed script or even a fixed set of techniques to attain some arbitrary end result.

It means that the process includes all aspects that are required to achieve the desired outcome and change.

It means the process deals with all aspects or levels that may or may not make up a Human. So we engage the Physical, the Mental, the Emotional, the Spiritual and the Soul levels.

The belief system of the Client is not there to be changed or ‘converted’ or challenged.

They are there for an outcome – SP wants to make sure we cover all bases – real or imaged. Just in case!

We also in SP cover aspects such as ‘inner child work’ ‘regression’ ‘forgiveness work’ ‘ chair therapy’ ‘ gestalt therapy’ ‘Foundation work ‘ Soul work’ ‘ Change work at the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental levels’

Whatever is needed to achieve the Outcome. And it’s all done throughout the process simply and efficiently for both the Hypnotist and more importantly, the  Client.

It is a way of using Hypnosis to access the Client’s own mind, and yes Higher Mind, to enable the client to achieve the outcome they desire – but are unable to do so on their ” own”

‘If this was a conscious problem – you would have fixed it by now – wouldn’t you?’ – Bob Burns

The process is to work through issue – issue- issue -to the desired outcome.

A single Simpson Protocol session of anywhere from an hour to 2 hours – can work through multiple issues to attain the Client’s desired outcome.

After the first session – there is no need ever again for a formal Induction with that client – see Induction Info

Simpson Protocol means:

There is no need to guess or try to figure out the ‘problem’. The Client’s mind knows – let it do its work.

There is no need for any intake from the client. They are there with an issue – that’s all you need to know.

All the client needs to tell you is that they are willing to go into Hypnosis and allow their Mind to do the work

The Hypnotist requires no judgement – they just have to follow the process and structure of SP

The Structure of SP is there as a framework – that can be changed and adapted for every client when necessary

Practitioners of SP – say Simpson Protocol is the canvas – where they get to paint in their own style.

Nut it also means the Hypnotist has to STAY OUT OF THE WAY of the process. The Hypnotist is the Guide and Facilitator – not the Controller.



Understanding the Format of Simpson Protocol Session

DEMO LINK  in next section

In the class practices, we will usually only be dealing with one issue per practice. It is a practice. In a real live session – you will be dealing with multiple issues.

There is a format – or structure to an SP session – as you will see in the Demo Session in the next session

During the class you will have ‘cheat sheets to guide you in practice  – BUT PLEASE REMEMBER SP is not a script to be learned. The Client will always be your script. And using the Superconscious will always be the guide to each session

The structure is not fixed or rigid – but is there to give you a ‘way through’ the session.

In the trainings, we will teach the format – in a very structured way – to begin with. But then you will learn to play with it in practice to suit each session.


( as we don’t need any real Intake from the client- we can start on the process immediately. The Client will give you some idea of THEIR concept of the issue. But as we are using their Higher Mind to do the work – the part of them that DOES KNOW THE REAL ISSUE – what they tell you is not a real factor)

Though Content free – remember we need to include their Conscious mind – it has to have some idea that work was done. We cannot ignore the Conscious as it can unravel any work we do – if it is ignored. Free Will cannot be overruled. So we need to balance the work, between conscious understanding ( just enough) and still bypassing the constrictions of the conscious mind.

MOST IMPORTANT – Unless you need information directly from the Client – you do not address the client in the session – you address what we call Their Superconscious. In other words, you are NEVER talking to their conscious.

There is the Prelim to make sure there is an agreement:

‘Are you willing to allow your Mind to take you into Hypnosis?’

‘Are you willing to allow your Mind to take you as Deep as you need to go today?’

‘Are you willing to allow your Mind to do the work?’

Then we start

The Elman Induction, then Deepeners – to get them as deep as they need to be for the work

Allowing their Mind to ‘go to’ High – a place where we can do the work. At this point we are no longer talking to the Client’s conscious – it can just be a comfortable observer – we are talking to the Client’s Superconscious ( see info below)

We ask for “guidance” to be present – that is some form of Support that the Client’s mind is comfortable with.

We ask for an Emotional, Mental, Spiritual – Foundation to be put in place – so that the Client has all the tools they need to do the work

The Work

We begin the work on the ISSUE. Whatever Issue the Superconscious decided is the most beneficial to work on  at this stage

Start with Experiences – a form of SP regression – using the Client’s Superconscious Mind to do all the work that is necessary

Then we go through a series of questions  ( mostly for the conscious mind to understand ‘work’ is being done- if completely open without resistance, fear or blockages of any kind – The Superconscious could do all the work unaided)

When the Superconscious of the Client has completed the work for that issue – and you may or may not know what that particular issue is – as it is only ever called the issue ( labels are dangerous)- we ask for confirmation from the Client that they are issue free and happy with the result

Then we move to the next issue – if Superconscious decides there is now another issue to work on for the Outcome.


Watch a complete DEMO session from The Canadian Hypnosis Convention – done in an hour time frame with a volunteer from the audience – next section


A Simpson Protocol Demo

Link to a full demo of a Simpson Protocol Session  – CLICK HERE

This was  3 years ago – the process has simplified since then ( its always becoming more Holistic , and at the same time simplifying itself) – but it will give you an idea of the simple flow of SP

Esdaile, Sichort and the Superconscious

Simpson Protocol is famous for being the first system whereby you could communicate with the Client even at the Esdaile level – through the use of ideomotor responses.

Yes at Esdaile there is no movement – but we keep the arm with programmed ideomotor responses -“out” of Esdaile. Simple.

WE DO NOT NEED ESDAILE to work with Simpson Protocol – deep Somnambulism is enough. REPEAT we don not NEED ESDAILE for SP to work

But yes for those who allow – we will teach you to go to Esdaile quite simply. And teach you how to get your Client to Esdaile if they need to for say an operation or childbirth etc


SICHORT is a level deeper than Esdaile – an easy to attain in Simpson Protocol and can be attained from triggers to Sichort in a few minutes. The only requirement that the student or Client is willing to allow such depth.

Sichort was named after Walter Sichort. Jerry Kein and Walter worked on this level. After Walter’s death – the estate set up a training program ‘Ultra Depth” to explore this level

In the 4 day – usually we have enough time to experiment at the Sichort level with the students. We do not teach ULTRA DEPTH. The Process


Superconscious is a term I use to describe the Mind, or Higher Mind, or Collective Unconscious – or whatever that we can work with in SP to attain the Outcomes

Superconscious – from what we learn from using the SP process seems to be the Ultimate Google search engine. Except with only the highest moral values. Only what is best for the Client Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

Not only does it seem to be connected to what is need to attain the outcome it – understands what is optimally needed.

It does not presuppose any belief system, Galactic understanding, knowledge of Quantum anything for the process to work.

In the same way, gravity is present regardless of your religious, political, or cultural affiliations – it seems this Superconscious is the same.

Now it may be something else entirely than what ‘appears’ to help us in SP.

The key factor is – it works and produces simple p[powerful desired outcomes – with very little stress or effort from the Client.

The sessions always amaze the Client – but they do not overcome the client.


Remember the Superconscious will never override the Free Will of the client. This brings in 3 important things for SP

1) the Client has to be willing to do the ‘work’ – and allow their own mind to decide what that work will be.

2) The conscious must always be given enough, just enough, information to believe the work has been done to its benefit

3) The hypnotist does NOT DO THE WORK. That requires judgement and control. The Hypnotist allows the work to be done -they are just there to be on the Client’s team, as a guide and facilitator



What can I use Simpson Protocol for?



That’s why its called a complete inclusive holistic system

It can be used for any Issue  that is attached to the client’s mind

And that is everything

We have extra programs for Health and Weight Management,



Smoking ( really),

Pre and Post Op,

Surrogate Hypnosis


Sexual Function and Dysfunction and on and on

But it all the same system – the programs just give you ideas and input for the particular issue

Plus we teach you in the 4 day – how to implement and integrate any of those specialities

So whats Simpson Protocol for


What is taught in the 4 Day and Online Training - The Curiculum


The preparation

Learn the power and  full use of generating a simple effective video pre-talk – and why its the key to a successful session

Learning relatively rapid induction – 2 – 4 minutes to profound somnambulism

How to set up triggers so you only ever do 1 induction per client – no matter how many times they come for a session

Learning the concepts of the different deep states and their use in Formal change work Hypnosis

When Esdaile is important and how to attain it

How to Communicate with the Client with simple Idemotor responses- at every level

How to empower the client – let their Mind do all the work

Learn Self Hypnosis with SP – and how to teach your client

Learn how to use language  in your session to have your session successful with 99.9% of your clients

No leading, no pharsing, no presumptive language

Absorb the basic structure of a SP session and how to make it your own

Learn the power of dealing with multiple issues in SP – the object of the process – issue issue issue to Outcome

How to work with the needs of the conscious, subconscious and Superconscious in every session

Learn how to have a zero content session is need be – and still get the outcome desired by the client’s mind

Learn how to move towards the outcome regardless of the obstacles

Practice – Induction, deepening and full session without any preamble about the issue

Practice – around the class with Idemotor responses, varied issues without asking the definition of the issue

Practice – creating a Foundation and enabling strength for the client to be able to  deal with whatever the issue is

Practice Practice

The 2nd Section – Advancing

Taking the basic format of SP and using it in any way you can imagine

Syllabus Includes( but not limited to!!)

SP Surrogacy,

SP Surrogacy with animals,

SP Pro-Active Health Program,

SP Advanced Self Hypnosis Group Program,

SP Spiritual,

SP Experiments – every class creates its own momentum and magic!!

Plus an overview of SP Foundational Birthing, SP Health and Weight management, SP Pre-Post Op and more

Plus overview of new Modules in process

What is Full SP Certification??


Full SP Certification- Option

I know some technique classes  give you Certification for just turning up – and we certainly provide you with a Certificate of Attendance for these courses – that can be used for further training CUs etc

However, you can take the next step and take a three-month Certification process – that means – as far as I am concerned, as a Certified SP Practitioner you are offering your clients the best possible of all worlds with SP.

Its an option – not compulsory – – but it gives you the best of SP – and as a Certified Practitioner you have access LIFETIME to all the  back up teaching sites and the latest updates and programs as they become available

I know I am weird – but you see I know and believe that SP can offer clients a powerful Process that changes their life. And so I want to be able to offer SP at its best – always to clients. Not just my clients – all clients who visit SP Practitioners.

The Certification process – is mentoring you – so that you are able to offer the best SP sessions to your clients – no matter what issues they bring you. It’s an online mentoring process – on your schedule – and I can mentor you through sessions, client sessions etc – to make sure you are confident and skilled in the process.

As I said it’s not compulsory or demanded – ist just an option offered

You can find the info here


Requirements for SP Certification