Pricing for SP Grads for Vancouver Island 4 day SP

As a Simpson Protocol Grad you have the ability to sit in on any other SP training ( the basic course) for half price off the Retail Price.

In this case that would be 1/2 of $695 –  that is $347 (close)



With this 4 day Combo SP GRAD SPECIAL – you get an even better discount!!

You can take the whole 2 day SP again and the new SP advanced course for $749 !!

Which means you are retaking SP for $150 !!   

And saving over $145 on the best Combo price – and $348 off full price  (after first 10)

Just email us where you took SP originally and you are eligible for the discount combo price-

submit Below

SP Student Promo Price   $749

LOCATION: Bayside Inn/Quality Inn – Parksville    September 22 – 25