Review of Basic Flow and Induction for SP

SImpson Protocol is  holistic and its core is a work to establish your connection to the Superconscious ( the client’s Superconscious mostly) and then facilitating change and desired outcomes – that the clients Superconscious  -at that time in that session needs to makes for the clients ‘higher good’

The deeper you can take the client at the beginning – it seems the better and faster the outcome.Esdaile is great – but no longer essential.

A client will go deeper as the session progresses. But all hypnotic states are like a wave form and the clients conscious rises and falls periodically .

Opening their eyes during a session is not a sign that the client is ‘out’ – it is a sign they have opened their eyes – gently ask them to close them and continue.

Test for depth – but never let the client fail.The Superconscious will decide the best place for the client to be on that day in that session.

You facilitate – you do not lead. You empower the client’s mind as much as possible – you do not control ( all hypnosis is Self- Hypnosis.

Once at High with guidance – that is support – you can ask any question that provides a yes no answer – as long as you accept completely the answer. Your judgement has no part of this Protocol

The Process is with ‘Superconscious – address all questions to SC – NOT the Client. The Clients conscious has no power

Do not judge outward body movements, posture or lack thereof as a sign of depth or relaxation – see:

Dr John Kappas – article :  Development of emotional and physical suggestibility – book.

A successful session ( that is the one with the optimum outcome for the client ) is created by the Hypnotists confidence with the client pre- hypnosis, and the ABSOLUTELY requirement the client watches your pre talk videos.

Pre-Talk Video Links:  HERE

An example of a written Pre-Talk here: DOWNLOAD



Structure  Part 1 from 2020 Live course.


Structure Part 2 Video