Extrait - Séances sur le protocole Simpson de la Convention 2016 du CCH

Voici un exemple d’une session SP réalisée dans une classe ouverte

C’est en anglais mais vous pourrez peut-être voir qu’Inès n’avait besoin de connaître ni le « problème », ni rien d’autre.

Elle commence immédiatement le processus et le résultat est intense.

Le bénévole a écrit une lettre ouverte à Ines plus tard (en anglais ci-dessous) admettant qu’il souffrait de Stress post traumatique, de dépression et qu’il était prêt à tout abandonner.

Après la séance, il a immédiatement senti de l’espoir.

« Je ne peux même pas mettre un prix ou un mot sur ce qu’Inès a fait pour moi. C’était le plus beau cadeau que j’aurais pu espérer. Elle m’a redonné ma vie, elle m’a donné un avenir que j’attendais avec impatience. »

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This is an extract from the Simpson Protocol ON-line teaching sites for SP students

The second session elicited the following testimonial.

I sincerely want to say a huge thank you again for that opportunity.

When I realized that Ines was asking for volunteers I raised my hand right away hoping that I could finally get some help for my issue.

You see I came back from a very long deployment in 2013 and ever since I came back I have been struggling quite a bit with major depression disorder which consequently brought back to the surface a lot of repressed memories from my childhood.

As a result of my depression and the trauma being brought back I started to self medicate with alcohol. I soon became an alcoholic and when I went to see a doctor to get help they misdiagnosed me with something completely irrelevant and given heavy medication which were highly addicted.

By the summary of 2015 I could not live like that anymore. I managed to get myself into rehab to get rid of the alcohol issues and all the pills I was on. Once in rehab I was diagnosed with PTSD and major depression disorder. Every since that day I have been struggling with suicidal thoughts and it’s literally been poisoning my life cost me my marriage my kids my job.

Even though I have been sober and clean for just over a year the symptoms for my illnesses we’re still very much there making my life miserable. Making me wishing I would not be alive anymore.

After Ines show me raising my hand she called me over. She did not even need to ask me what was wrong with me. The whole process it’s pretty much a blur for me, but one thing is sure is when emerge from the trance I already felt happiness and Hope ….things that I had forgotten how it feels.

It has been 24 hours now and I’m still astonished how well and how efficient her technique is. I mean even today I’m feeling great I’m happy I’m positive I have hope and those are the word from a man who’s currently going through a nasty divorce because obvious past mistakes.

I can’t even put a price or a word on what Ines did for me. This was the best gift I could have ever hoped for. She gave me my life back, she gave me a future something to look forward to.

And on that note the very same night when I got home I met with a good friend of mine who has been struggling with hyperphagie for a very long time. Even though I did not study The Simpsons protocol I used it on her to the best of my abilities from what I remembered and from the rest of the conference and I’m happy to report that my friend is now free from her disorder.

Ines I don’t think I could ever thank you enough from the bottom of my heart thank you