Videos from 4 Day training Sept 2019

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NOTE: The Videos for the demos recorded separately are here –   DEMO VIDEO PAGE


These are a series of webcam videos unedited we recorded at Ines Simpson 4 day SP seminar in Parksville B.C 2019.

The audio recordings aren’t great on this First Day- it was for a streaming test- lots of banging etc at times. All the demos were recorded on a video camera separately

A couple of these webcam videos are quite long and may take a while to load – depending on your internet connection

They are here to show an example of a 4-day seminar – an idea of the flow. We don’t show the students practicing just the demos and Ines talking

Day 1

Goal -Intro SP

Show Esdaile state ( and then say it’s not important for SP session itself – but now there is pre suggestion to students)

Do a first complete demo and then Students all do first complete session

in threes, all students practice and experience complete SP session

In threes – one watches the fingers and helps with the flow. The other is a Hypnotist and the third person is the client

in video

Ines chats with class – asks what they are there for.

She does an example of Esdaile with Martin ( out of the picture )

And does the first demo



Day 1 Video 2 –

Ines says don’t take notes  – watch and listen and sets up the practice


Day 1 Video 3

Discussion after all groups had practised the first session of SP