Benefits & the Process for SP Certification

” Working One on One with an SP Trainer for SP Certification – is in fact A Master Class in Hypnosis “  Stin-Neils Musche

” I want it to be as seamless and painless as possible for you to attain Certification – for the wholly selfish reason that I want  SP to always be presented to the client at its most beneficial to allow the best outcomes.”  Ines Simpson


Of course first step is taking a Simpson Protocol Live training – but that is just the beginning…

If you wish to be recognized and recommended as a Complete Simpson Protocol Practitioner – that is someone who has demonstrated  that they have a grasp and understanding of SP – then you can apply for Certification.

Certification means you will be recognized and recommended in your area as The Simpson Protocol Practitioner ( and we get several requests a week for SP practitioners for everywhere!!)

You will be able to promote that you are a Certified SP Practitioner on your website or business card

You will be listed on the SP certification Page on our various websites. And promoted in your area

And most of all you will have taken your practice to (as they say) to the next level. You will, by going through the certification process have confidence and assurance in your ability and able to use SP in all aspects of your practice and have great outcomes.

see all details below


The Benefits of SP Certification for you ( and your Clients)

1    You become completely Confident in your craft of hypnosis

2   Completely Confident that you can help your Client – no matter what ‘issue’ the bring

3. Thoroughly versed in all aspects of SP and how it can be used

4. Increase your ability and skill to handle any aspect of the human condition – be it Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual 

5  Confidence in your abilities, and confidence in the SP process – typically leads to an increase in your Hypnosis Practice

6  Join a dedicated group of Practitioners that support and help each other move forward

7  Access to SP Extra Resources for Certified only and Access to Group practice and FAQ sessions

8 Join the Elite group of Practitioners that form a very tight supportive community – with the best teaching and mentoring always available

  SP Certification Program

3 or 4 month program to Certification

Month 1

Submit  preliminary Client SP Pre-Talk Video

Submit 1 full SP session video  ( need to see you, the practitioner and the client’s hands – minimum). Video doesn’t have to be fancy – but needs to be watchable!!.

A cheat sheet can be used

Upload to dropbox or One drive etc

Set up a  time to chat on Zoom or Skype

Month 2

As above – though this is now  a Second Session demo

Set up a  time to chat on Zoom or Skype

Month 3

Full session – no notes

Refine process

And focus in on  any Advanced Modules of your choice

Set up a  time to chat on Zoom or Skype

Month 4

Clean – up where required

Focus on Advanced Programs of your choice

Marketing your practice


$ 195 per month – Four or Three Month program

No Payment to Register

  Certification for Simpson Protocol  :

4 months ( or 3months) one on one mentoring to Certification with Ines Simpson


Access to the SimpsonProtocolonline and Advanced SP online Web site – no charge


Promo pricing on standalone programs  such as SP Foundational Birthing , Health and weight management, Holistic Sexual Health etc


Access to all new SP programs added to The Advanced Modules after Certification


Access to all updates to SP essentials


Certification posted on SP websites and exclusive referrals for your area

$ 195 per month – Four or Three Month program

No Payment to Register

To ask further questions – email me at ines@inessimpson.com