Ines Simpson -An Introduction To Hypnosis

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Hypnosis – Intro and Overview




Hypnosis (for change) is:

Clients Willingness

Pre-talk ( so they know)



The Work



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Dave Elman the founder of direct hypnosis said the following:
“We always think that everything we ever lived through is forgotten or retained in the form of memory. As a matter of fact, it’s there; it’s part of us every moment of every day. We live our life in the light of reflected action. The things we use to do we’re still doing in our minds.”

The things we experienced in our life can have a great impact on how we feel in the present. People experiencing burn-out, depression, fears or phobias sometimes have a clue and sometimes do not have a clue where these feelings come from. Although many of them might have an idea about the origin of their problem, thinking is not helping them in solving the feelings that are bothering them.

What we can say after many years and thousands of therapists working with the regression techniques that stem from work of Dave Elman is that in most cases the client in fact does not have a clue what the real cause is of the problem.

quote from HYPNOSIS THE KEY TO SELF- EMPOWERMENT  by Ina Oostrom Simona Linskens Vijay Sharma