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SP online teaching training and back-up resources are available for SP Students and SP Grads of the Live training, taken at any time.

You Also have access to the Advanced Training Module for SP – details here

SP Online Website:

After the initial training you are given 2 weeks free on the website then you can choose to sign up or re-sign up at any time- contact me for details  ines@inessimpson.com

Currently is has 7 Modules on different sessions done over the course of the last couple of years that we thought really helped in reinforcing and updating the training.There are also sections on specific parts of the SP Protocol – SP Regression, SP Chair Therapy etc that will help you in your practice. The website is updated as we discover new or interesting situations in class practice and we want to pass on. SP is in constant evolution and we want you to see how SP and you can evolve together.

The current manual is always available here as is the Resource Module which has the most Frequently asked Questions we receive, updated as we get more questions.

The website is then available on a monthly basis or to save money there is a six month option (cancel of course at any time per month).

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The Simpson Protocol - New Digital Training Site

6 month option ( save 38% on every payment)

The Simpson Protocol - New Digital Training Site