Ines Simpson -An Intro to Hypnosis-Video 4 & 5

 Video 4

Hypnosis – Rapid Induction




Hypnosis – 

Rapid Induction demo with deepening




Hypnosis (for change) is:

Clients Willingness

Pre-talk ( so they know)



The Work



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Our normal consciousness can process 40 bits of information per second and our subconscious mind can process 20 million bits per second. And at the same time our subconscious mind can process countless procedures, processes etc. at the same time such as taking care of the composition and quantity of hormones, chemicals, fluids, taking care of the 100,000 km of blood vessels in your body( two and a half times longer than the circumference of the Earth’s equator , the trillions of cells.
So do we really know the power which hides in our subconscious mind?

HYPNOSIS THE KEY TO SELF- EMPOWERMENT  by Ina Oostrom Simona Linskens Vijay Sharma