Ines Simpson -An Introduction To Hypnosis - Main Types of Hypnosis

Main Types of Hypnosis

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Entertainment – Corporate – Conventions

Stage Hypnosis

How it works – what happens


Good stage Hypnotists:

Sean Micheal Andrews (worlds fastest Hypnotist)

Paul Ramsey

Anthony Galie


Hypnosis as Therapy/Change Work

Below Gerry Kein of Omni Hypnosis fame

Two main types of ChangeWork Hypnosis

 Ericksonian or Elman 

Ericksonian – from Milton Erickson. Mostly developed into NLP Hypnosis.

Good practitioners:

Melissa Tiers

Willaim Horton

many many more

Elman or Regression to Cause Hypnosis

 Good practitioners:

Ines Simpson

Gerry Kein

Stin-Niels Musche

many many more